Day 1

Easy Success. Obviously no changes yet, since it was only the first day. I skipped breakfast because I slept late, and since I took the day off from any exercise, I wasn't hungry for too much. At about 12 I had seeded toast with peanut butter and banana.  The looks I've received when naming that … Continue reading Day 1

7 days of Being a Vegetarian

Damn. 7 days without any meat is something I never thought I would attempt at all!  Some might think it's not such a big deal, but anyone who knows Namibia, knows its a country blessed with the finest quality meat, and growing here, at least 2 meals in a day include meat products. I'm doing … Continue reading 7 days of Being a Vegetarian

Guilt Free Chocolate Brownies!

Always on the search for healthier ways to enjoy the sweet goodness in life, without it keeping me from any goals or progress on my fitness journey. I came across these brownies when Michaela made them and shared it on her Instagram story.  She didn't even hesitate sharing the recipe with me, and like anyone … Continue reading Guilt Free Chocolate Brownies!

Banana Bread: Super Easy Super Healthy

This "Nana Bread" recipe, as she calls it, is Lauren Mouton's.  I've recently come across her Instagram profile, and was immediately compelled to try one of her recipes! This recipe is so easy to follow, and doesn't take long at all.  I love recipes which are especially quick to make, just because in today's fast … Continue reading Banana Bread: Super Easy Super Healthy