Time to get Strict

Starting tomorrow, Monday 10 July, I will be way more strict as to what food I'm putting into my mouth. I eat relatively healthy, but always still allow sneaky treats when they come my way.  Sometimes, a sneaky treat comes along and basically just triggers a craving for more and more chocolates, candy and biscuits. … Continue reading Time to get Strict

Gym Rage – Relate?

"I love going to the gym" is an understatement, truly. I can write an entire post on the previous statement and I probably still will, but here's something that really keeps me from killing a workout. When someone is "using" a machine, but is on their phone the whole time! Every gym, no matter how … Continue reading Gym Rage – Relate?

First trip to the gym

... after a three week holiday in Thailand. I was lucky enough to travel to Thailand, and experience first-hand what a beautiful country it is.  Whilst being there though, the only exercise I got, was three trips to one of the poorly-equipped hotel gyms, swimming, and the tremendous kilometers covered by foot, exploring all the … Continue reading First trip to the gym

Should you be counting Macros?

Macros, a word circulating in the fitness industry for quite some time, however, some people may have only heard of it recently. Left wondering what it is and if you should start adding them up? Counting your macronutrient intake means counting the grams of proteins, carbs and fats you take in within a day. This … Continue reading Should you be counting Macros?

You were made to accomplish your Wildest Dream

Those dreams you dare don't tell anyone about because it's absurd and wayyyyy too unrealistic, those are the ones you're meant to chase. It's become almost normal, to have this one massive thing that you'd really like to accomplish one day, but end up putting it aside permanently because you've settled for something a bit … Continue reading You were made to accomplish your Wildest Dream

Favorite Breakfast/Snack Smoothie

Searching for a quick fix to tame the roars of hunger in a healthy and easy way? I've recently come across a lovely smoothie recipe, but had to make a few alterations of my own, simply because I'm a bit picky when it comes to food. The experiment resulted in a delicious subtle and smooth … Continue reading Favorite Breakfast/Snack Smoothie

Never too late to start

I can't quite pinpoint what it was, but something happened, about 2 years ago, almost instantaneously ... and I was hooked to become part of the "fitness-movement". What amazes me the most about working-out, is the way people are able to manipulate and change their body and shape  (to a certain extent) to achieve certain … Continue reading Never too late to start