A cluttered mind with too many ideas is what drove the creation of this blog.

I’m a twelfth grade girl in Namibia, almost at the brink of closing the chapter of my high-school-life, and I’ve never been more ready to dive into the adventures of life after school.

Thus far I’ve been sharing glimpses of my passion for wellness, fitness and life over Instagram, but I needed a platform much greater and specialised content for specifically sharing written versions of my endeavors – therefore, a blog.

Why Eccentric Serendipity?  Two of my favorite words.  Anything eccentric intrigues me – the unconventionality and strong will to decline the ways of the norm.                                    And serendipity, well who isn’t delighted when something worth smiling about unexpectedly happens.

… and if not sharing it for anyone else, then using this blog as a creative outlet for myself.