Do I take Supplements?

I’ve been asked a couple of times if I use supplements, and if so, which ones.  And the answer is…

YES! I Do 💍

There are two I take on a daily basis, and the third and fourth are every now and again.

It’s just important to keep in mind that supplements are not a substitute for healthy meals and exercising.  All of these components combine, to result in a healthy and active lifestyle.

ON THAT NOTE: I am not at all saying that you must be taking the following supplements in order to reach your goals.  Supplements do however, support the journey.


img_66171.jpgI regard this one as the most important. It might not be classified as a supplement to everyone, but I certainly place it above everything else, and regardless whether you exercise or not, I recommend that these be in your cabinet. Probiotics benefit mostly your digestive system, keeping it healthy and in working order, and since 60% – 80% of the body’s immune system is situated in the gut, it’s crucial that it be healthy.

There is just way too much to say about Probiotics, so I will dedicate a whole post to it if requested.

There are so many brands of Probiotics to choose from, but I’m using Solal Technologies’ Probiotic Complex, and I am very happy with it.


  1. BCAA’s

Branched Chain Amino Acids are essential for after workouts, so I don’t take them every single day, but I take them on every exercise day (almost everyday). Prominently, BCAA’s are the building blocks of protein. Leucine Aminos, found in BCAA’s, supports protein synthesis, and reduces protein breakdown, which equals to muscle gain or maintenance. Thus, BCAA’s are especially beneficial when you are dieting to lose some kg’s, becoming more shredded, but want to protect your muscle throughout the process.

During the process of protein synthesis, damaged muscle tissue is rebuilt with new proteins, ultimately helping with soreness and the recovery of fatigued muscles.

The BCAA’s I am currently using are good, but I won’t restock them, so I am currently on the search a different one.



Taking whey protein is essential to add 25 – 50 g of protein to your normal daily intake.  It provides BCAA’s and protein, both supporting increased muscle growth.  Besides that, it also releases an increased amount of anabolic hormones, also stimulating muscle growth.  Topping up on your protein intake not only benefits growing the gains, but pairing whey protein with weight training, has shown to shed off weight while increasing lean muscle mass.

I hate the taste. I’ve tried so a couple of different ones, and I really am just not a fan.  So when I’m in a “maintaining” phase, I don’t bother much with whey protein, purely because of the effort to swallow it down. Consequently, I only use protein powder in recipes which require it, thus I only buy vanilla.  I don’t get to it too often, but I know I’m borderline safe because I make sure of sufficient protein intake through meals.



Well this one just contains a lot of caffeine, which yes, keeps you awake and unleashes some more energy, but it also activates the “fight or flight hormones” (epinephrine and norepinephrine), which allow you to smash a workout you maybe weren’t up for before.

I take these when I remember to, or when I’m just drained of energy, but I definitely avoid using it too often, just because I don’t want my body to start relying on it in order to hit the gym.


Furthermore, there are so many supplements in addition to these on the shelves, which I just haven’t had the need/desire to buy or start using.  They will obviously benefit you on your fitness journey too, each with a different function used for both similar and different goals.

Just do your research before purchasing just anything.


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