Day 1

Easy Success. Obviously no changes yet, since it was only the first day.

I skipped breakfast because I slept late, and since I took the day off from any exercise, I wasn’t hungry for too much.

At about 12 I had seeded toast with peanut butter and banana.  The looks I’ve received when naming that combination… It’s not too odd, and a number of people actually love this, and in this snack’s defense I say, don’t decide before you try. Along with the toast, I mixed up a smoothie with the other half of the banana, ice, milk, pumpkin seeds, goji berries and cocoa.

23318899_10208310745680862_364448278_n.jpg 23377291_10208317520410226_1264922270_o

I later on snacked on Clicks’ SmartBite Veggie Crisps  I absolutely love these chips as a snack, and they are super low in calories, plus, quite affordable.

To be honest, all I could think of all day was my meal for the evening! I made a Broccoli Pastry, which I was all too pleased with. Condiments included sweet potato, strawberries, cantaloupe and honeydew.

I wouldn’t have tried this if it weren’t for the purpose of this week, and I can already see how I’ll be building in this recipe in the future. For my dinner it was obviously the main feature and I had quite a sufficient portion (can never have too much veggies😊), but I can only imagine how good it would be as a side to any large dinner! And since I want to be totally honest on my blog and I’m not even going to deny myself being a meat lover, even though the meal I constructed for myself was mouthwatering, I was tempted by the smell of my family’s pork chops in the oven. Not going to give in though…

Check in throughout the week for the rest of the updates on my 7 days of being a Vegetarian!

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