7 days of Being a Vegetarian


7 days without any meat is something I never thought I would attempt at all!  Some might think it’s not such a big deal, but anyone who knows Namibia, knows its a country blessed with the finest quality meat, and growing here, at least 2 meals in a day include meat products.

I’m doing this because I want to expand my knowledge and skill at preparing vegetarian dishes.  Currently, I know how to make salad, and seeing that I don’t eat salad, I do not make salad.  I do, however, know of a couple gourmet vegetarian dishes, but have never taken to make them.

Another, and the more prominent reason I’m taking on this week, is to experience the effect of no-meat meals for myself.  I do realize, that a mere week without meat products might not make as big of a difference as abstaining from it for say a month and longer .  BUT, I’m still curious.

I already have most of my recipes planned out, and the kitchen is stocked!  So I’m going to be posting about my experience throughout the week, every now and then.  I’ll be sharing the meals I ate, (the day after), recipes where applicable, and how I find the experiment in terms of energy levels and any other factors playing a role.

I’ll be starting on Monday, the 6th of November, thus my first post will be up  on Tuesday.

I know of many who think I wouldn’t be able to last the week, and to be honest, I’m not entirely confident that I would, either.  But now, it’s about proving a point too 😉

Here goes 🍉



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