Alessia Araujo

If you haven’t seen or heard about her yet, I promise, it was just a matter of time.  Alessia is a 22 year old lady boss;  juggling work, studies, family and friends, she even still makes time to slay in the gym.

Following Ally on Instagram, you don’t even get a glimpse of what keeps her busy and makes up The Life of Lady Araujo.

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Her fitness journey started about 2 years ago when she went studying, and mostly closed off the hockey chapter in her life.  During two years of training, one learns so much, it’s as much of a mental journey as it is a physical one.  Looking back, Ally says, “I couldn’t be more thankful that I actually took that step, I didn’t want to stereotype myself by going to the gym at all, I wanted it solely for me. Down the line I have learnt so much, I love the knowledge of it all, I love meeting people, I love everything to training and learning about it everyday. It’s all a journey, I wanted to challenge myself and now it’s become a part of me!”.

Before we had a chat for this post, Ally and I did a quick back and tricep workout, and even though it was only a 40 minute session, it was a proper one.

Something which she feels strongly about, which I do too, is the gratefulness that she is able to workout and be active.  Many people take general health for granted, and she refuses to do so.  When I asked her which muscle group she enjoys working out the most, she immediately responded by saying that she loves everything, and that there isn’t a group she likes or dislikes more than the rest.

Favorite cheat meal?  She hysterically started laughing and almost guiltily said “ANYTHING! If I’ve been craving pancakes that week, then damn, on Sunday I will eat 20 pancakes!”. “I don’t think people realise how much we athletes appreciate one single cheat meal, I mean, if I’ve been craving a certain chocolate that whole week but disciplined myself not to have it, that day that I have it, I enjoy it so much more… It is like HEAVEN, I can’t even describe it. You feel so proud, because you know you did so well in the week, you stuck to your plan, and here it is, this is your reward”.

Fitness and the future?  “My future plans with my fitness is just to be able to continue to inspire ladies out there.  Everybody can do it, but is starts with one’s own dedication and own will to start.  I want to inspire ladies, younger and older, because I learn from younger and older, you actually never stop learning, always gaining knowledge.  I want to continue working on the things that I want to improve on my body.  There is never a day that I am satisfied, it allows me to challenge myself each and every day.  I want to reach out to girls that are too afraid and that may not know where to start, or are too scared to even step foot into a gym because they feel intimidated or shy.  I want them to be able to start the same way I did, to take the same step.  It’s not an easy one to take, but people need to want it for themselves.  I want girls to be able to reach out to me.  I want girls to come to me and ask for advice, to train with and feel the love and passion that I have for my training.”

For now, the goal would be to conquer cardio, and I think I’m going to join her on working to reach the point to be able to run for 40 minutes rather than 20.  “Never satisfied, my girl”; always pushing, always raising the bar, and always setting new goals to conquer.  “I want to continue improving my training, to inspire, and to show them that I am here.  You may not like me in some of the gym sessions, may be very upset with me afterwards, but when you go home, you will thank me.  A month later after seeing progress, you will thank me, after strength training improves, you will thank me.”

During the workout, I’ve never seen such a focused expression on anyone’s face as I did on Alessia’s.  Serious? Yes.  In her element? No question about it.  But that’s because this is something she doesn’t take lightly, and when it comes to motivation, she rarely needs any.

Her fitness is fueled by none other than self love, which so significantly makes it her own journey.  “… it becomes an addiction, a passion. On a bad day, on a good day, the gym is just my destination to vent out, where I block out. I’m just me, and I’m happy!”  This is her lifestyle, it’s part of who she is.

Apart from the gym, Ally is so passionate about obtaining her full qualification as a skin specialist.  Currently studying and pursuing this dream, this choice of occupation leads back to high school days.  “I used to have a very bad skin, and people would talk about it, therefore I would want to be able to help ladies out there who are going through the same thing, they should feel beautiful, regardless”, and even though the studies are tough, I could see the glimmer in her eyes as she said, “plus, I LOVE the science and anatomy side of it!”


Being the brave, focused, strong and determined woman she is, I couldn’t understand that she answered “Courage the Cowardly Dog”, when I asked her what cartoon character she would probably be.  Explaining, she giggled and said it was because she is still so afraid of the dark, “otherwise, the pink Power Puff Girl!”

In conclusion, Alessia sticks to her veggies, proteins, gallons of water and good carbs of course too. She even gets mocked for going to the gym at 5am on a Friday, but still she sticks to her mindset, being strictly disciplined and commited, “those are 2 things that you NEED!”.  She looks tough, and I promise, she is, but at the end of the day, it’s not her gym sessions or the goals she sets that makes her the person she is.

It’s what she’s been through, what she’s learned from it and how she’s making everyday her own, but mostly – it’s her heart of gold. 💛


So relevant to say “watch this space”. This girl is going places. Don’t miss a thing; follow her on Instagram:  @lady_araujo14

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