How I started seeing the beauty in things

The little things, they’re what truly matter right?  Best start seeing how beautiful they are.

I used to scroll down my Facebook feed and negative, actually rude thoughts, would pop up.  Things like “Why did she make this her profile picture?”, or “No one wants to see how your dog is staring at you”.  Without realising, I was being such a pessimist an this actually affected my demeanor too.

About a year ago, I realised how I had criticism about every post I scrolled past, and being quite upset with myself I knew I wanted to change it.

First of all, if someone wants to post something, let them be, they don’t need my consent or approval, so they also don’t need my negativity toward it.  They didn’t ask my opinion, and so the only thing I achieved with this mindset, was bringing down my own energy, over something as small as a virtual post.

Unfortunately, we are put together this way, to form judgement in our minds as soon as the information reaches our brains.  Even though I couldn’t change that, I wanted to programme my brain to see the positive and beautiful things first… and I did.


I decided that I will acknowledge something beautiful and good in every picture I scroll  past.  I started seeing that happy people are attractive, that beauty lies in the eyes, that happiness can be captured in moments.

I immediately felt a difference, I felt good, and I loved being able to see special things in my life.  It carried over into my surroundings. Sunsets have never been more breath taking, rain has never smelled this fresh, and I’ve never lived in a world more lovely.

Very short thereafter, I didn’t even have to focus on looking out for these things anymore, it became habit, one of my favourites!



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