I lift weights with love.

I’ve been asked what my goal is with fitness an immense amount of times, and I never knew what to say.  It started annoying me that I’m always speechless when asked this question,  so I started thinking.

Ultimately, I guess the goal would be to be able to inspire girls to love their bodies enough to live a healthy and active life.  There are things I wish I’d have known before starting my journey, and so I’d also like to somehow make starting this journey easier for the girls who seek to do so.

As for the moment, I’m lifting weights and working out for myself.  At the moment, I don’t see myself competing ever, and so there isn’t set criteria for me to work towards.  I’m doing it because it is my get away.  This is what makes my soul genuinely happy.  It’s not like preparing for a race, this is my lifestyle.

I’m also not doing it to look a certain way for anyone else.  My active endeavors stem from wanting to live in a healthy body in which I feel comfortable and happy in.  So If my body isn’t the way someone else thinks it should be, or expects it to be, that’s totally fine with me.   Fitness is part of my life for me, not for anyone else.

Live healthy. Exercise. And love your body,

not because someone else expects it from you,

but because you value yourself enough to want it for yourself.

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