Time to get Strict

Starting tomorrow, Monday 10 July, I will be way more strict as to what food I’m putting into my mouth.

I eat relatively healthy, but always still allow sneaky treats when they come my way.  Sometimes, a sneaky treat comes along and basically just triggers a craving for more and more chocolates, candy and biscuits.  The biggest culprits at the moment, are my school’s swirly ice cream, one rusk with coffee, which then becomes six rusks and typically just the weekend.

I hate that currently, I’m working really hard in the gym, let go the weekend, and repeat this cycle as soon as the new week begins. I’ve never decided to be as strict as I’ll be in the coming week. I’ve never really dealt with putting those cravings to rest without giving in. Through this time, I’ll learn how to deal with that, and hopefully also teach my mind to reject the longing of all the unhealthy foods.

I am SO in favour of treating oneself and not keeping yourself away from EVERYTHING that you feel like is a treat when eating it. This is still my feeling going into this endeavour, I would however just like to practice better self-discipline (as I have no strong will for saying no when it comes to food) for a while and experiment with what the results may be, if any.

My main goal is living a physically healthy and balanced lifestyle.

I’ll be posting after this week, to update on how this “treatless adventure” went.

Enjoy those treats (after hitting the gym ๐Ÿ˜‰ and eating a healthy meal) ๐Ÿฆ


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