Gym Rage – Relate?

“I love going to the gym” is an understatement, truly.

I can write an entire post on the previous statement and I probably still will, but here’s something that really keeps me from killing a workout.

When someone is “using” a machine, but is on their phone the whole time! Every gym, no matter how big, has limited equipment of the same kind, so it really ticks me off when someone is hogging the machine, but is on their phone, scrolling through every social media platform you can possibly think of between sets. When someone does this, no one is actually using the machine, yet everyone’s time is wasted. I strongly feel that it’s selfish and disrespectful to the people who go to the gym for the main purpose of working out.

The next one might just be me feeling like this, and do tell me if I’m wrong:

When people workout together (like gym buddies specifically), and both are doing the same exercise which requires the same machine, but both these people claim their own machine… when they could have been sharing! I feel like the gym is not an Oprah Winfrey show where everyone gets their own machine.

We all go there to kill a workout. Yes, be in your zone, conquer the our or two you’ve set aside to do so, do your best – but respect the rest and their hustle too.


Please say someone can relate?

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