First trip to the gym

… after a three week holiday in Thailand.

I was lucky enough to travel to Thailand, and experience first-hand what a beautiful country it is.  Whilst being there though, the only exercise I got, was three trips to one of the poorly-equipped hotel gyms, swimming, and the tremendous kilometers covered by foot, exploring all the streets.

With no regret about anything I ate, I unfortunately gained 2.5 kilograms.

Yesterday was my first visit to the gym after the Thailand endeavor.  I managed to do a solid, sad 10 minutes of cardio on the Eliptical, a couple of core exercises, jump rope for 3 minutes, and do the grid circuit (which I NEVER do) twice, to, as I like to say, awaken my muscles after 3 weeks of hibernation, before really jumping into the week of full on, sweaty and intense workout sessions. I then ended off with 10 minutes in the steam room, to help with getting rid of toxins.

Today after cardio (only managed to do 10 minutes again), I jumped into an intense upper body workout, followed by abs, and another 10 minutes in the steam room.

I’m aiming to work the weight off in a week.  Maybe a bit too ambitious, I admit, but I’m so determined and I’ve missed the gym wayyyyy too much to even consider skipping a day for the next month!

Fingers crossed ๐Ÿคž

Update on losing the gained weight will be posted on 5th June 2017.

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