Treat day – April

29 April 2017

Today I painted!  🎨

I dove into my mother’s art paraphernalia and took what I found to be a beautiful combination of colors.  I don’t paint often, but I like it.  So on this day of treating myself, I took ownership of Mama’s art studio (aka our closed balcony), and painted, with a regular coffee at hand and some of my favorite music playing in the background.

I’m definitely going to be painting more often. I used Acrylic paint on this canvas, and since I’m still very new to this, I’m very open to technique suggestions and friendly criticism!

493fb5357f05f93f0c7ce1610039a1a6 9b8c953099c6eb22f57acb313d0a09ad008b44198a565ce01c92fed3f812628c.jpg


As you can see, I didn’t do too much detail, and it looks a bit unfinished, but that’s what I like about it… adds mystery as to where the wanderer is headed.

I also enjoyed a trip to the gym, and a late night boxing session.  Definitely needed this day, dedicated to me, myself and I.

What do y’all do in order to treat yourself? 😊

If you want to know and understand why I’m writing about this day, check out my previous post! x

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