Should you be counting Macros?

Macros, a word circulating in the fitness industry for quite some time, however, some people may have only heard of it recently. Left wondering what it is and if you should start adding them up?

Counting your macronutrient intake means counting the grams of proteins, carbs and fats you take in within a day. This is particularly essential where strict diets are to be followed, such as for bodybuilders and competitors. Macros are adjusted and very custom to each person, using a certain formula to calculate the macros each person should be hitting.

Are you a fitness enthusiast now contemplating whether you should be taking a deeper look at using macros to direct your meals? If the thought intrigues you, try it out and decide for yourself – I do think it can act as a motivator to eat more of certain foods and less of others – or simply use it as a guideline for your own meal plans, even if it’s just to give you an idea what the ideal grams for your body are. But is it a must?

Definitely not.

If you are someone quite disciplined in terms of eating habits, and you’ve figured out what works for you, I wouldn’t suggest you look further into the subject – macros are certainly not the ultimate. It also takes quite some time getting used to, workingย out, weighing out, and tracking it daily.

Do I use it? Not at the moment, but tracking macros is something you can do off and on (for long periods of time), depending on your current fitness goals.

Basically fam, there is no “Yes, you should do it”, or “No, stay away”. Do whatever works for you, and if you track your macros or have, comment down below how it works/worked for you!ย ๐Ÿ’ช

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