You were made to accomplish your Wildest Dream

Those dreams you dare don’t tell anyone about because it’s absurd and wayyyyy too unrealistic, those are the ones you’re meant to chase.

It’s become almost normal, to have this one massive thing that you’d really like to accomplish one day, but end up putting it aside permanently because you’ve settled for something a bit more ‘reachable’.

Why? Why do we do that? Is it because of fear that if we set out to do it, we might fail, or because of what other people may think of us when we attempt to accomplish the unlikely. Maybe it’s because we’re getting told it’s impossible.

Well what about the greats? They also had to deal with this “impossible” idea and goal that formed within their soul. Who said your potential to achieve something is any less than theirs. The difference is in one’s drive…

Drive is what will push you to overcoming the fear of failure, of validating other’s opinions, and to change the ‘impossible to ‘possible’.

Reignite the flame that is your biggest dream, and step by step, day by day, work toward making it a wild-fire. A wild, fierce fire, that cannot be tamed, not even by your own fear.

The greats didn’t tame theirs, they ran with it. they grabbed it and made it theirs to conquer.

Your wildest dream, you were made to chase and conquer just that,

nothing less.

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